The ties between India and Pakistan have begun to reach new heights in recent times. Conscious of the historic opportunity created by the improved environment in relations, there is an overwhelming desire of the peoples of the two countries for durable peace and recognizing their responsibility to continue to move towards that objective. The renewed India Pakistan ties in the last few years have been indicative of the fact that the two countries want to promote peace in the region and foster friendly ties. Initiatives like the Indo-Pak bus service, exchanges of cultural visits by actors and stage artists, and arrangements for easy visa services, apart from the Confidence Building Measures have given a positive direction to Indo-Pak relations.

In the wake of the present scenario, the India-Pakistan Forum of Parliamentarians (IPFP) was launched under the auspices of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), as a special initiative to provide a framework for regular structured dialogues and consultations between the two countries on a variety of issues of mutual concern.

The IPFP is a step symbolic of the recent positive developments between the two nations. The forum is aimed at playing a crucial role in strengthening and supporting initiatives by giving the Parliamentarians an opportunity to focus on issues such as improving trade, reinforcing cultural ties, and boosting regional cooperation.

The forum aspires to establish a concrete foundation of trust between the Parliamentarians of both the nations and intensify their desire to move ahead with their shared vision.

The IPFP serves as a channel through which the Parliamentarians can further strengthen their resolve towards creating a conducive environment for a better tomorrow in the subcontinent, of which both the nations are an integral part.

The IPFP's vision, is thus, envisaged at opening the doors of confidence in the Parliaments of the two countries, minimize differences at every level and enable India-Pakistan relations to reach greater heights. What we have in this initiative is a confluence of different concerns and interests and a vision to take a leap into the unknown to contribute to the great surge in the peace sentiment that prevails at the moment.

Prior to the launch of IPFP, FICCI has already, successfully fostered bilateral interaction between political and business dignitaries, through its existing USA, UK, Germany, Japan and Singapore Forums of Parliamentarians.